Welcome to the project archive of visual artist and documentary filmmaker Sara Jordeno. Here I collect and share some of my research based projects. Registered users can also see full length film/videos and work-in-progress (contact me at jordeno-at-gmail.com for access).

Summarizing 2013! I’m working on Gesture, a documentary about the NYC Kiki Scene, a ‘society within a society’ created and governed by LGBTQ youth of color, where femininity and flamboyance are celebrated and family and community leadership re-imagined. With unprecedented access, Gesture takes the viewer to the community centers of NYC housing projects, to the streets of Harlem and to the Christopher Street Pier, where Kiki parents and leaders in their early 20’s meet to discuss how to help “the children” overcome the adversities that this young demographic (primarily African American and Latino LGBTQ individuals between 14-25) faces.

Gesture is a unique collaboration between an outsider (visual artist and documentary filmmaker Sara Jordeno) and an insider (Kiki house founder and community health specialist Twiggy Pucci Garcon) and the first film ever made about the young activist Kiki scene. The project is produced by Annika Rogell & Tobias Janson for Story AB (“The Black Power Mixtapes 1967 – 1975”, “At Night I Fly”) with support from the Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television, Film i Västerbotten and the Art Matters Foundation, among others. Our collaborators include Naiti Gamez (DoP), Lucas Millard (2nd Unit) and the photographer Marcus Olsson. The soundtrack for Gesture is to be composed by internationally renowned ballroom DJ MikeQ.

In July 2012, Twiggy and I conceptualized The Reincarnation of Rockland Palace, a Kiki Ball and public art project taking place at the grounds of a famous Harlem event hall, Rockland Palace, where elaborate drag balls were held during the Harlem Renaissance. We also conceptualized The Movement Ball at PS1 MoMA in October 2012, and are currently working on a book and other related projects. In May 2013 we presented the Gesture Project at the project LMCC’s Downtown Dinner Fundraising Gala, with members of the Kiki Scene performing.

Read more about our projects at gesturefilm.com and rocklandpalace.org

Recent News

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